The Future of Materials is .. BIOLOGY!

RGB-S Reporter in a Nature Microbiology Community Blog Article | 08.2023

Check out our blog article in Nature Community, Behind the Paper channel by Ahmed Zoheir and Kersten Rabe, highlighting the significance of the new reporter system.

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AI-Powered Codon Optimization | 11.2022

Check out the blog article by Ahmed Zoheir on Proteinea's cutting-edge, AI-powered codon optimization technology. The article demonstrates the significance of the new technology and how it tackles the yet too complex problem of gene optimization, paving the way for better recombinant proteins and protein therapeutics commercialization.

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Catavis team (from left, Patrick Bitterwolf, Sandra Kröll & Ahmed Zoheir) wins three prizes in the KIT INNOVATION DAY 2021

Catavis develops novel catalytic biomaterials. Learn more about the prizes at:

Nature X Humanity Documentary by Neri Oxman

The film demonstrates the Material Ecology approach as a design philosophy, including the radical directions towards Nature-grown instead of Human-made ecology.

Why "biofabrication" is the next industrial revolution by Suzanne Lee

The talk draws, from a design point of view, the future of the emerging field of Biofabrication as a green revolution in the materials industry.

“Evolution‐on‐a‐chip” device helps reveal mutations that lead to superbugs

Advanced Sciences News | March 16, 2021

Check out the media coverage on the "evo.S" microfluidic chip that accelerates bacterial adaptive evolution to antibiotics as well as other stresses.

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