A picture is a poem without words

 Horace, a leading Roman lyric poet (December 8, 65 BC – November 27, 8 BC)

Philosophy, Science and Art – the humankind-advancing three knowledge aspects over the history. Unlike philosophy, which is tied by rationality and science that is limited by natural laws, art expands to the limits of the spirit and imagination. Humans fostered art even before developing a language. Starting from the caveman drawings through the ancient Egyptian temples till the modern European art museums, art was always - and still - the language of the soul.

I am a self-taught artist focusing on digital painting.

My artistic concepts are inspired by the essence of "structures of life", small looking random units assemble together to build a perfectly organized and meaningful body. Like nature like art; random strokes, color touches, meaningless patches, blends ... in overall they shape live feelings and expressive emotions.

As my artistic motivation is "art in front, science in background", this enabled me developing my own style, unique vision, and special imagination, which I try to express in paintings. I am pursuing the school of subjective and figurative art that, unlike realism, does not adopt copy-and-paste, but rather inspire and paint.

Checkout some of my original art works below